Postage stampThe Ibizan Hound is named for the island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain. Often noted for its deer-like elegance, this graceful breed was a hunting companion to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt before being brought to Ibiza by Phoenician traders.

Classified as a sight hound whose primary quarry is rabbit, Ibizans are versatile hunters, utilizing hearing, sight and scent. This medium-sized hound is known for its athleticism and agility which includes a unique ability to jump six feet into the air from a standstill. Its admirers describe its temperament as fun loving, affectionate and loyal.

The AKC recognized the Ibizan Hound as an breed in 1978. Prior to that, it was bred primarily in the Balearic Islands to hunt rabbit in rocky terrain. Used in packs to catch and kill their prey, they return their quarry to their master. A ferret may also be used with a pack of Ibizans to flush a rabbit from its hole. Ibizan Hounds are still used in Spain to hunt rabbits

View the video of Ibizan Hounds hunting in Spain.

How do you pronounce “Ibizan”?

  • i-bee’-zan</li>
  • i-bee’-thin
  • Ee-bee-than (Spanish)
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