IHCUS Specialty Show Information

Information on hosting IHCUS Specialties and Supported Entry Shows

IHCUS Guidelines and Applications

  National Specialty Guidelines
  Designated Specialty Information
  Independent Specialty Information
  Supported Entry Information
   Sweepstakes Class Information
   4 to 6 Month Puppy Class Information

AKC Information

  2014  AKC Show/Trial Manual
  AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows
  AKC Rules and Regulations
 AKC Events Application & Instructions (To be filled out for All Specialties and Obedience Events)
 AKC Host Club Permission Form (To be filled out for Supported Entries, Sweepstakes and Designated Specialties)
 AKC  Report for Dog Show or Obedience or Rally Trial
(To be filled out following a Conformation, Obedience or Rally event and sent to AKC)
 AKC  Report for 4 to 6 Month Puppy Event (To be filled out following a 4 to 6 Month Puppy event and sent to AKC)