IHCUS Rescue: Mission & Objectives


The purpose of the IHCUS Rescue Committee is to protect and promote the welfare of the Ibizan Hound breed by protecting individual Ibizan Hounds from abuse, neglect, or exploitation, while promoting the attributes of the breed to members of the public.


  • To care for and find permanent homes for stray, abandoned or surrendered Ibizan Hounds with new owners who will agree to provide the high level of care required under terms of adoption and who will observe the terms of the IHCUS Rescue Adoption Contract.
  • To take responsibility for all Ibizan Hounds identified in shelters, pounds, etc. in our service area and remove them from these environments so they may be placed in the home of a foster family for rehabilitation, veterinary care and re-homing.
  • To work with personnel in shelters, pounds, etc. to educate them so they are able to identify Ibizan Hounds that become their charges.
  • To educate new and existing Ibizan Hound owners whenever possible in breed temperament and requirements, responsible ownership, etc., so that potential surrenders can be averted and new adoptions will be successful.