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Official Stud Book of the American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club Stud Book is the official record of AKC-registered dog breedings. Published monthly, the Stud Book documents the first time any AKC-registered dog (male or female) is used to breed an AKC-registered litter of purebred dogs.  Using the Stud Book, the full pedigree of any AKC-registered dog may be determined.

As per the Certification and Acknowledgement agreement, the AKC Stud Book is to be used for noncommercial research or scholarship purposes only; the club or individual will not make or allow to be made any commercial, for profit, business or marketing use of the AKC Stud Book or any information from the AKC Stud Book; and that it or they will not, and will not allow others to, sell, trade, share, distribute, make available, make copies of, or publish in any form whatsoever specifically including, but not limited to, any electronic, email or “online” form, the AKC Stud Book or any information from the AKC Stud Book without the prior, written consent of AKC.

How to Read Stud Book Information

1st Column – New Dog Entry to Stud Book
Dog name with titles, Sex (D = Dog, B = Bitch), Foreign country if applicable
AKC Registration Number,  Date of Birth,  Colors, Markings
2nd Column – Sire Information  and  3rd  Column – Dam Information
 Name with titles, Foreign country if applicable
 AKC Registration Number, Stud Book Date
 An asterisk (*) following either the dam’s or the sire’s name indicates an extended pedigree on file.
4th Column – Owners/Breeders
 Owner name(s) listed first separated from breeder name(s) by a slash

Note: Dogs with an AKC Registration Number that begins with Q have unknown parentage at some point in their pedigree and have Conditional Registration. Event participation is restricted for these dogs. Litters produced by these dogs may be registered with the AKC if both sire and dam are AKC DNA Profiled. After three generations of DNA-verified parentage, offspring will receive regular registration with a standard registration number.

If there were no entries into the stud book for a particular month that month will be missing from the lists.

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