2017 National Specialty

2017 IHCUS National Specialty

Date: September 12 - 16, 2017
Location: Purina Farms - 200 Checkerboard Drive, Gray Summit, MO 63039

(Refer to the 2009 Summer T.E page 12 for information on the members vote for default location.)

Note: The Gateway Hound Club will be hosting a Hound Group Specialty show on Friday, September 15, 2017 in conjuction with our National. Sweepstakes, Jr. Handler and Conformation have been moved to Thursday, Sept 14th.

Superintendent: Foy Trent Dog Shows

Dead Links will go “Live” as items/information become available.


Schedule of Events

All events will be held at Purina Farms unless otherwise noted. All events held at the Purina Farms Event Center are INSIDE unless noted


All days and times are subject to change as plans for the 2017 National Specialty firm-up.
(All events are for Ibizan Hounds only with the exception of the Agility and Health Clinics, unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday, Sept. 12th

All Breed Agility
8:00 AM Purina Farms Event Center

Wednesday, Sept. 13th

Rally and Obedience will be run concurrently with the following specialty clubs:
Rally and Obedience
- Afghan Hound Club of America Specialty
Purina Farms Event Center
- Ibizan Hound Specialty
7:30 AM Purina Farms Event Center
- Ibizan Hound Specialty
9:45 AM Purina Farms Event Center
All Breed Agility
10:00 AM Purina Farms Event Center
Hospitality Night
6:00 to ~8:00 PM Host Hotel Pool Side
Annual Membership Meeting
8:00 PM Host Hotel Room TBD

Thursday, Sept. 14th

Ibizan Hound Judges Education
Auditors are welcome
7:30 AM Purina Farms Event Center - Large Conference Room
IHCUS National Specialty
9:00 Sweepstakes -- 11:00 4-6 Puppy / Jr. handler / Regular Classes
9:00 AM Purina Farms Event Center
Parade of Honors
Before the "BOB" Judging Breed Ring
Hands On Seminar
(Judges or Perspective Judges)
20 minutes after the completion of judging In the Show Ring
Ibizan Hound Breed Education Forum - Open to everyone
TBD Purina Farms "Little Red Building"
IHCUS Annual Banquet & Auction
6:30 PM Purina Farms Event Center - Founders Room (Upstairs Lg Room)

Friday, Sept. 15th

Gateway Hound Club -- Hound Specialty
IHCUS Supported Entry
Hound Group Judge: Dr. Daniel Dowling
Ibizan Hound Judge: Dr. Daniel Dowling
Ibizan Breed Puppy Sweeps and Hound Group Sweeps: Wood Wornall
Owner Handler Hound Group: Valerie Hamilton
Superintendent: Foy Trent
Gateway Hound Club will be in a combined premium list with the Three Rivers KC shows / closes August 30th
Purina Farms Event Center Sweepstake 8:00 AM / Regular Classes 9:00 AM
AKC Lure Coursing Trial and JC/QC Test(Ibizan's only)
10:30 AM or 30 minutes after Ibizan BOB Judging (Whichever is later) Purina Farms "Herding" field
Note: A group shot will be taken of all Dogs before Ribbons are awarded
Top Twenty Event
7:00pm Outside Show Pavillion

Saturday, Sept. 16th

Three Rivers All Breed -
IHCUS Supported Entry
Ibizan Hound Judge: Mr. Alan Hunt
Hound Group – Mr Alan Hunt
BIS – Mrs. Paula Hartinger
ASFA Lure Coursing
(Ibizan's only)
10:00 AM or 30 minutes after Ibizan BOB Judging (Whichever is later) Purina Farms "Herding" field
Note: A group shot will be taken of all Dogs before Ribbons are awarded.
Health Clinics
CHIC Blood Draw ???
All Breeds Welcomed
10:00 AM to 4 PM Purina Farms "Little Red Building"

Sunday, Sept. 17th

Three Rivers All Breed -
IHCUS Supported Entry
Ibizan Hound Judge - Mr. Randall Tincher
Hound Group – Mrs. Paula Hartinger
BIS – Mrs. Susan St. John Brown

Host Hotel & RV Information

Holiday Inn at Six Flags
 4901 Six Flags Road 
Eureka, MO 63025 
(636) 938‐6661  (Ask for Crystal)

Hotel Rates: Number of rooms reserved for IHCUS is 5 for Monday and Sunday and 30 for Tuesday thru Saturday  
Standard or Poolside Room: . . . . . ... . $114.95 + tax  
Family Room: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $199.95 + tax  
Room Deposit:. . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $100.00 (required 1 month prior to hold reservation)  
Pet Fee: . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $35.00 (one‐time non‐refundable, 4 dogs max per room) 

Make your hotel reservations early!  3 other Specialties are being held on Friday! 

RV Parking reservations will open as of July 1st…. Send in your reservation early in order to get a spot.  There are 5 clubs hosting their National Specialty this year
  • RV Overnight_Parking_2017 — WORD Document
  • RV Overnight_Parking_2017 — PDF Document
  • Premium Lists & Information

    Premium Lists

    (Entries and Pre-Entries Close 08/30/2017 except where noted)
                      Superintendent (Foy Trent) Foy Trent Upcoming Shows
                      Three Rivers Kennel Club & Gateway Hound Club Premium List
                    • Link to Premium List - PDF Downlaod
                    • Three Rivers Reserved Grooming
                    • Download Reserved Grooming Form – PDF
                    • RV Reservation
                    • Download RV Reservation Form – PDF
                    • Specialty Premium List (for Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Sweepstakes, 4-6 month puppy classes)
                    • Download PL2017 Ibizan National Specialty – PDF
                    • Agility – All Breed (entries close 8/29/2017)
                    • Download Premium List – PDF
                    • AKC Lure Coursing (After Conformation Judging) – (entries close 9/7/2017)
                    • Download Premium List – PDF
                    • Ibizan Hounds Only
                    • Download Premium List – DOC
                    • ASFA Lure Coursing (After Conformation Judging) – (entries close 9/7/2017)
                    • Download Premium List – PDF
                    • Ibizan Hounds Only
                    • Download Premium List – DOC

                      Show Photographer Information

                      • Performance Photos:

                        Pennys pasttime Pics 

                        Penny’s Pastime Pics

                        Photographer: Penny McNeil-

                        Note Lure Coursing Group Photo: A group shot (by photographer Penny McNeil), will be taken of all handlers/owners/dogs that are available at the Lure Coursing Field. The picture will be taken before the ribbons are awarded at both AKC and the ASFA Trials.
                      • Conformation Photos:

                        Wolski Photography

                      • Wolski Photography is your Premier Photographer for your photography needs. Located in Central Indiana my focus is on Events, Sports, Animals, Senior Pictures, and Family Portraits. The main goal is to create high-end professional images that truly represent the people, pets, or places being photographed at a reasonable and fair cost. Photographer: Brenda Wolski
                      • WEBSITE:
                      • EMAIL: wolskiphotography@yahoo.com
                      • PHONE: 317-318-5370


                      National Specialty Committee

                      Megan Smith
                      National Specialty (Chair-Conformation)
                      Christine Allen
                      National Specialty (Chair-Performance)
                      Robert Wasick
                      National Specialty (Hospitality)
                      Sue Ellen Wasick
                      National Specialty (Hospitality)
                      Karen Catt DVM
                      National Specialty (L.C. Chair)
                      Arial Harper
                      National Specialty (Obedience-Rally Chair)
                      Alexandria Mitchell-Lynch
                      National Specialty (Ribbons)
                      Sabrina Wright Hiller
                      National Specialty (Top 20)
                      Alexandria Mitchell-Lynch
                      National Specialty (Trophies - Conformation)
                      Terrianne Basch
                      National Specialty (Trophies - Performance)
                      Justin King
                      National Specialty (Videography Coordinator)
                      Karen Radke
                      National Specialty (Welcome Bags)

                      General Email Contact List


                       IHCUS Email Address

                      Show Chair
                      Conformation Trophies
                      Health Clinic
                      Lure Coursing Sec't & Chairman
                      Parade of Honor
                      Performance Trophies
                      Performance Events
                      (includes Agility, Rally, Obedience, CGC and Lure Coursing)
                      T Shirts
                      Welcome Bags