Membership in the Club is by application, which is available from the Membership Chair or can be downloaded from this website. All persons applying for membership must be sponsored by at least two (2) members of the Club who are in good standing. Active Members in good standing adhere to the IHCUS Code of Ethics.

Annual Membership Dues

    • $40.00 per individual
    • $25.00 per each additional family member (of the same household)
    • There is a one-time $25.00 per application initiation fee for new members.

How To Apply For Membership

    • Complete, sign, and date the “Application for Membership” form.
    • Identify at least 2 Club members in good standing, preferably not from the same household, to sponsor your membership. The sponsors MUST have been IHCUS members, in good standing, for a minimum of one year. They will each need to complete, sign, and date a sponsorship form.
      • FOREIGN Membership: Applicants from Countries outside of the United States or its territories must apply for foreign membership. Foreign Member applicants DO NOT NEED sponsors.  Foreign Members are entitled to ALL membership privileges except the right to hold office and the right to vote in elections, or on amendments to the bylaws, revisions to the breed standard or to sponsor or vote on membership applications.
  • Submit the completed Application for Membership and Sponsorship forms to the Membership Chair. (Sponsorship forms can be submitted directly to the membership chair from the sponsors.)

Electronic Notifications

Members are encouraged to elect to receive electronic notifications (i.e. email) regarding Club business. New Members will automatically receive electronic notifications unless the box is checked stating they do NOT want electronic notifications on the Membership Application.  Not all correspondence will be done electronically. Election ballots (for example), will continue to be processed in the usual (paper) manner.

Membership Approval Process

Membership applicants are published in the Third Eye (the Club’s quarterly newsletter). Applications are voted on by the Board three (3) weeks following publication. Applicants will receive notification of membership from the Membership Chair.

Membership Application Forms

Form File Format
Membership Application Adobe PDF (Acrobat)
Microsoft Word – Fillable Form
Sponsorship Form Adobe PDF (Acrobat)
Microsoft Word – Fillable Form
Application Instructions Adobe PDF (Acrobat)
Microsoft Word