Code of Ethics

Aims and Purposes

To breed, maintain and present sound and healthy Ibizan Hounds true to the breed standard and of good temperament; to insure that that Ibizan Hounds are not bred or used for any activity detrimental to the breed; and to insure the welfare of individual Ibizan Hounds.

Member Obligations

  1. Each member at any time shall conduct themselves in a manner of good sportsmanship. No member shall make false or misleading statements about another competitor or their dog. Each member shall conduct themselves in a fair and courteous manner at all competitive dog events.
  2. Each member shall demonstrate tolerance, regard for others, and a willingness to work together for the welfare and benefit of the Ibizan Hound.
  3. Each member shall accept any majority vote of the club as the wishes of the club. Proposed changes that might benefit the breed or the club will be made in an orderly and responsible manner. Under no circumstances will agitation resulting in dis+L2harmony and disunity of the club be tolerated.
  4. Each member will realize that their behavior reflects the public image of IHCUS and will act accordingly.
  5. Each member will provide for all animals in their care clean, comfortable quarters. These will be warm in winter and cool enough for comfort in summer. All animals will be fed a quality diet and be kept in the best possible physical condition. All animals will be given adequate space to live and exercise in. All animals will be given routine inoculations for communicable diseases. Whenever necessary, prompt veterinary care will be provided.
  6. Each member will carefully socialize their dogs and any dog exhibiting an obvious temperament problem, (extreme sharpness or shyness), will not be bred or exhibited in public.
  7. Each member will breed to improve the quality of the Ibizan Hound according to the breed standard. Before a litter is bred the member will be in a position to care for both the bitch and puppies for as long a period of time necessary to find the best possible homes for those puppies.
  8. No member will breed an animal for the purpose of improving that animal for the show ring; showing will always be secondary to the preservation of the breed according to the breed standard.
  9. No member will breed a dog or bitch that possesses any disqualifying fault or hereditary defect.
  10. Each member will check their dogs for hereditary defects before breeding them.
  11. No member will sell any puppies with papers if they possess a hereditary defect or disqualifying fault, or the puppy will be listed on the AKC papers as a limited registration, non breeding stock only. In every case, the potential buyer will be told, before purchase, of the fault or defect.
  12. Each member will state only factually true claims to any potential buyer about their Ibizan Hounds or about other breeder’s Ibizan Hounds.
  13. All sales of Ibizan Hounds will be made in writing, in advance of placement of the hound. All animals will be guaranteed by the seller to be in good health at the time of sale. As a condition of the sale or placement, the seller shall retain the right of first refusal should the purchaser ever decide to transfer ownership or resell the hound.
  14. No member shall knowingly provide Ibizan Hounds for sale or breeding purposes to any person who has knowingly violated any of the principals set forth in this Code of Ethics.
  15. No member will breed a dog or bitch that would have difficulty due to age or condition. An older bitch will not be bred without being checked by a veterinarian who will state in writing that the bitch is able to be bred safely.
  16. No member shall donate an animal for research, unless it is to the study of a specific breed defect by a veterinarian recognized by IHCUS. No member shall sell a dog to a pet shop, animal broker, commercial kennel, for experimental purposes, nor sell or donate an animal as a prize for any purpose.
  17. No buyer shall be forced to breed his dog or bitch in order to fulfill any contract. Agreements to return a portion of a litter or for a co-ownership should substantially reduce the selling price of the animal.
  18. Nothing in this Code of Ethics shall be construed to be in violation of the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club or the Constitution and By-Laws of the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States.
  19. Any individual applying for membership shall receive a copy of this Code of Ethics and by joining the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States shall signify their acceptance of this Code of Ethics in its entirety. Any member thus violating this Code of Ethics shall be dealt with as provided for in the By-Laws.
  20. Any member in question of violating this Code of Ethics will provide the IHCUS board with information requested by the board relating to the offense. Each member agrees to allow inspection of their kennel facilities, if the board deems necessary in the investigation of a violation.