January 2015 – Clemson KC Specialty Results

The First IHCUS Supported Entry at the Clemson K.C. Shows in South Carolina was held on January 3 & 4, 2015.  We were so honored to have held this event and thrilled with the entries that were received.

The following prizes and hospitality compliments of the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States Committee:
Katie Belz, Shannon Bridwell, Patricia First, Charlene Fortner, Lexy Kubicka, Claudette Papenberg, Karen Radke, Erica Seward, Susan Tinch.

The Prizes donated by the following committee members

Karen Radke: Tee shirt design and production and treats for all participants.
Patricia First: framed Ibizan Hound prints, ceramic art by Ruya Creations, toys for all participants and the rosettes.
Susan Tinch: Hand Painted Ibizan Hound Socks , Hand Painted Ibizan Hound Canvas Tote Bags which were donated by Claudette Papenberg
Shannon Bridwell: Hand Painted Ibizan Hound Wooden Ornaments
Katie Belz: Handmade Adjustable Leather Limited Slip Collars
Lexy Kubicka: Handmade Paracord Bracelets in Placement Colors and Hand Painted Ibizan Hound Greeting Cards


ClemsonKCBOBBest of Breed Winner for both days was:

 “Deckard”    MBIF Int’l Ch/DC Kamars XXX Bladerunner SC FCh     Owned by Katie Belz, David and Jennifer Anderson


Results (Marked Catalog):


Video links: Class Competition   /   Best of Breed Competition