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IHCUS Judges Education Mission Statement

The purpose of the IHCUS Judges Education Committee is to provide education to current judges or to prospective judges of Ibizan Hounds who are applying to the American Kennel Club for approval to judge. The Committee will prepare and update educational materials, coordinate educational events and maintain a list of qualified Breed Experts to act on behalf of the IHCUS as seminar presenters and mentors. Committee members may be listed on the Breed Expert list and are encouraged to apply. Application is open to all members when the qualification level is reached. Only Members of the Breed Expert list can do ringside mentoring of prospective (or current) judges and present IHCUS approved seminars. Club members must apply to join the Breed Expert list.

The Judges Education Committee Chair and the Board of the IHCUS must be informed of all "parent club approved seminars" and approval for those seminars can be given by the Committee Chair or the Board. Breed Experts can provide ringside and other mentoring at any time, on a less formal basis.

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Current IHCUS “Breed Experts”

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Breed Expert Application
Application Form and Requirements (MS Word 2003)
Application Form and Requirements (PDF)

Anatomy Test
Ibizan Hound Anatomy Test (MS Powerpoint* 2003)
Ibizan Hound Anatomy Test (PDF)

Judges Education Presentation: This is NOT meant to be a stand alone presentation.  It is meant to be presented at a seminar by an IHCUS approved Breed Expert via a Power Point Presentation. This presentation is done as a movie for the website only. It will take some time to download. Please be patient.

Judges Education Presentation
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