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14 Breed Experts as of 2020-Jul-03

Breed Expert Conduct

Breed mentors must have strong ethics, and their integrity and devotion to the breed must be above reproach. Promotion of individual living dogs or the mentor’s own breeding is strictly forbidden, plus show records should not be discussed.
Ringside mentoring will be conducted in accordance with most current AKC rules* and with the highest level of discretion and professionalism.
Ringside Mentors will be permitted to participate on days they are exhibiting up to the class in which they have an entry. They will not be allowed to participate thereafter except at National or Regional Specialties where formal ringside mentoring is organized by Judges Education Committee (per AKC rules).
Ringside mentors should be willing and prepared to document their mentoring on the most current AKC Ringside Mentoring form*.
Ringside Mentoring and Seminar presentations are to be entirely consistent with the breed standard of the Ibizan Hound as approved by the AKC.
Seminars presented by Breed experts will use the IHCUS materials for presentations and handouts. Any additional materials used must be identified as not part of the IHCUS materials. These additional materials should be submitted to the Judges Education Committee Chair to see if they should be shared & included for everyone.
At the National Specialty, the judges hands-on exhibits will consist of winners from the Specialty invited to participate by the seminar presenter. Other examples can be added by the presenter for completeness.
For other seminars, where the selection of hands-on exhibits is more limited, examples who are not being currently campaigned are preferred.
Breed Experts must have the time available and willingness to attend shows or specialties to assist prospective judges with interpretation of the Ibizan Hound standard through ringside tutoring and/or hands on evaluation (following exhibition) and answering questions.
Mentors must always be aware that they are the guardians of the breed and therefore be cognizant of keeping the welfare of our breed as their priority.
Breed Expert Policies

A Breed Expert list will be maintained and distributed by the Judges Education Committee and posted on the club Website.
Application to the Breed Experts list shall be on the form supplied by the IHCUS. Applicants should submit the form to the Judges Education Committee Chair who will submit it to the Board of the IHCUS with a recommendation for approval or rejection.
Breed Expert list members who resign from IHCUS membership, are suspended from the IHCUS or by the AKC will be removed from the list and will have to reapply to rejoin the list in the future.
Violation of the conduct requirements above may cause the Board of the IHCUS to remove a person from the Breed Experts list. The IHCUS Board will solicit recommendations from the Committee in such cases and then hold a hearing process which conforms to club disciplinary actions.
In the case where a current mentor has proven ineffective as demonstrated by poor quality mentoring or presentations but no misconduct has been reported, the Judges Education Committee will work with that person to improve their performance. If that coaching is not effective, and the person does not volunteer to be removed from the list, the Committee may make a recommendation to the Board to remove that person from the Breed Expert list. This action would not carry any disciplinary implications.


AKC Ringside Observation Criteria / Judges Ringside Observation Form / Apprenctice Training Information and Form / Mentoring and Tutoring Form:
AKC Ringside Observation Criteria  (as of 09/01/2015)