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Day Event Judge
Tuesday Agility  Karen Winter (MO)
Wednesday Agility  Karen Winter
Wednesday Obedience and Rally Virginia(Ginny) Kinion (MO)
Thursday AKC Lure Coursing & AKC QC/JC Tests Lisa Stewart (MO)
Thursday AKC Lure Coursing  Bob Gooderl (MO)
Thursday AKC Coursing Ability Test  Bob Gooderl
 Friday Breed, Regular and Non-Regular Conformation Classes  Dr. Eric Liebes (TX)
 Friday Junior Showmanship Dr. Eric Liebes
Friday AOH Series and 4-6 month Puppy Competition Dr. Eric Liebes
Friday Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes Robin Castillo (AZ)
Saturday ASFA Lure Coursing  Russ Jacobs (KS)
Saturday ASFA Lure Coursing  Vickie Jacobs (KS)
Saturday AKC Coursing Ability Test   Russ Jacobs
Saturday All-Breed Health Clinics
Saturday CGC Testing ? Provided by St Louis Training Club


All days and times are subject to change as plans for the 2015 National Specialty firm-up.

(All events are for Ibizan Hounds only with the exception of the Agility, CGC Test, CAT Test and Health Clinics, unless otherwise noted)

2015 IHCUS National Specialty Schedule

All events will be held at Purina Farms unless otherwise noted
All events held at the Purina Farms Event Center are INSIDE unless noted

Tuesday, September 8th

All Breed Agility
8:00 AM
Purina Farms Event Center

Wednesday, September 9th

8:00 AM
Purina Farms Event Center
IHCUS Obedience
½ Hr after Rally
Purina Farms Event Center
IHCUS All Breed Agility
1/2 Hr after Obedience
Purina Farms Event Center
IHCUS Hospitality Night
6:00 to ~8:00 PM
Host Hotel
IHCUS Annual Membership Meeting
~8:00 PM
Room TBD

Thursday, September 10th

AKC Lure Coursing (Ibizan’s only) JC/QC Test
8:00 AM
Purina Farms “Herding” field
AKC Lure Coursing (Ibizan’s only) Trial
Following JC/QC Tests
Purina Farms “Herding” field
A group shot will be taken of all Dogs before Ribbons are awarded
CAT Test  (for all AKC Registered dogs)
Following  AKC Ibizan Hound TRIAL
Purina Farms “Herding” field
Ibizan Hound Judges Education
Auditors are welcome
Ibizan Hound Breed Education Forum – Open to everyone
Purina Farms Event Center – Founders Room

Friday, September 11th

IHCUS National Specialty

All Conformation,  Sweepstakes  & Jr. Showmanship Classes

8:00 AM
Purina Farms Event Center
Hands On Seminar

(Judges or Perspective Judges)

20 minutes after the completion of judging
In the Show Ring
IHCUS Annual Banquet & Auction
6:30 PM
Host Hotel

Saturday, September 12th

Three Rivers All Breed – IHCUS Supported Entry
Ibizan Hound and Hound Group: Judge: Mr. Robert L Robinson
IHCUS ASFA Lure Coursing
~12:00 Noon
Purina Farms “Herding” field
A group shot will be taken of all Dogs before Ribbons are awarded
CAT Test  (for all AKC Registered dogs)
Following ASFA LC Trial
Purina Farms “Herding” field
Health Clinics
All Breeds Welcomed
10:00 AM to ??
Purina Farms “Little Red Building”
CGC Tests (For All AKC Registered Dogs)
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Purina Farms Outside the “Little Red Building”

Sunday, September 13th

Three Rivers All Breed – 
IHCUS Supported Entry
Judge: Mrs. Gloria Geringer
Hound Group Judge: Dr. Donald A Gill

Everyone Have a Safe Trip Home!