Conformation Judge

Regular Conformation, Junior Showmanship & 4-6 Month Puppy Class

Espen Engh (Norway)
Espen Engh was born into a family where greyhounds have been part of everyday life since 1955, both his mother and his grandmother being keen greyhound fans. The first litter carrying the Jet’s prefix was bred by Espen and his late mother Kari in 1975. Since then 40 greyhound litters have been born at Jet’s, all from the same original bitch line. The kennel has made up 210 individual homebred greyhound champions with more than 730 champion titles in 62 different countries, including 102 FCI International champions. The Jet’s bitch line includes a unique ten consecutive generations of Best in Show winning international champion bitches. The Jet’s greyhounds have also won BOB at most major all-breeds shows around the world, such as the FCI World Show, Crufts and Westminster. Int.Ch. Jet’s Once Upon A Dream was Norway’s Dog of the Year all breeds in 2001, Int.Ch. Jet’s Something In The Way U Smile in 2003, Int.Ch. Jet’s Just Take Me Home Tonight in 2013 and Int.Ch. Jet’s Man in the Moon in 2016. The Jet’s also include several top winning homebred champions in Griffon Bruxellois. Espen judged his first dog show in 1984 and was approved to judge at championship show level in 1987. He was authorized to judge all breeds by the Norwegian Kennel Club and the FCI in 2011. Judging appointments have taken him to the following 98 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam and Wales. Appointments include thirteen FCI World shows. He judged at Crufts for the 6th time and Westminster for the 3rd time in 2017. He has judged a number of US national or parent club specialties, including 4 times for the American Whippet Club, twice for Scottish Deerhound Club of America, twice for Greyhound Club of America (with a third appointment coming up), Saluki Club of America, Pharaoh Hound Club of America, Borzoi Club of America and Norwegian Elkhound Association of America Espen may be the only judge who has officiated for Ibizan Hounds at both Crufts and Westminster. He has judged Ibizan Hounds at specialties in Norway, Sweden and Germany and at the FCI World Show in 2017. He is looking forward to judging IH specialties in Finland and the US in 2018. A veterinarian by education, Espen finished his Doctoral Thesis at the Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine. Specializing in comparative medicine, he is currently Director General of The National Committees for Research Ethics in Norway. He lives in Lier, Norway with his partner Åge Gjetnes and their 17 dogs.


Arial Harper (MT)
  • Arial Harper was born in Papillion, Nebraska, she grew up and currently resides in Billings, Montana. She grew up in dogs helping to raise and train her mother’s Scottish Terriers. At the age of 15 after 2 years of saving money from chores and dog-sitting she was able to bring home her first Ibizan Hound, “Questor”. It was love at first sight and she couldn’t imagine not sharing her life with these amazing Hounds. 20 years later under the “Dragorra” prefix Arial has owned, trained, bred and shown Ibizans with an eye towards the breed’s unique structure and versatility. She actively trains and competes in Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Lure Coursing, Open Field Coursing and Scent sports. Despite her success in many disciplines she finds the most educational and important thing she can do to deepen her appreciation of the breed is taking her pack out to hunt rabbits on the weekends during the winter months. Arial is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and is the owner of the Dragorra Training Center where she teaches classes. In her non-dog life, she is an administrative assistant for one of the oldest and largest law firms in the western U.S.
  • AKC Lure Coursing

    Justin Dannenbring (CA)

  • My name is Justin Dannenbring and performance events are what I love to do. I have lure coursed with my Ibizan Hounds and Whippets since 2003 when our first exposure was in Lompoc with the combined sighthound specialties. Since that moment, I was hooked just like my hounds. I’ve been judging AKC events since 2010 and I finally received my All-Breed license for ASFA in 2016. However, most of my time is spent managing local events for the California Coursing Association, Southern California Ibizan Hound Club, and our yearlong SoCal Cup Competition. I am the proud owner of the top AKC lure coursing Ibizan Hound in history, “Diesel”, who was #1 in 2007, 2008, and 2009 where he also achieved his LCX5 title with multiple Best In Field awards. I have had success with my Whippets as well with having bred 3, “Brooke”, “Hunt”, and “Bridgette”, that have earned Best In Field awards. I cannot wait to see all the Ibizan Hounds run in September! Thank you very much for the invitation to be a part of the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States 2018 National Specialty.
  • Scott Hurlbert (KS)

  • I have always had dogs in my life…even when I was in college I tended to enjoy the neighborhood dogs. However, my introduction to sighthounds came in 1991 when we were adopted by a young whippet. Of course he was named Devo. Devo was not much for the show ring, but we tried. He wasn’t much for obedience, but he got his title (I think the judge took pity on me), but he loved to run. He was fast for a little guy (27 lbs. at his heaviest), and certified many greyhounds. Well since he liked it, I traveled with him and met a lot of wonderful people in the coursing world. Within a couple years we had our 2nd, then 3rd…4th, 5th…etc…then I open my mouth on a public list – in gest – and I end up with a Rhodesian Ridgeback....Drew. Drew is the sweetest dog I have had. She reminds me of my first whippet…both like to curl up in my lap!
    All of my dogs have been champions in the coursing arena and a few have even been dual champions. That is what I like about sighthounds. You can see the grace in their movement, the excitement in their eyes and the devotion in their presence. Of course they can keep you humble.
    I have been fortunate to have traveled across the United States to judge all the breeds that we allow to course…even a couple of the rare breeds. There have been a lot of wow moments – seeing a male wolfhound jump a 4-foot fence in pursuit of the lure…such grace and determination. There have been a lot of moments where I get to laugh with the antics of the hound…we all have our ways of having fun. I have been judging these events since 1996. I have laughed, gasped and sometimes cried with the owners I have met. They have shared with me their love of our hounds. This is why I do this…for our hounds.
  • AKC JC/QC ---
    Justin Dannenbring (CA)

  • Lure Operator =
    Greg Breitbach

  • ASFA Lure Coursing

  • Justin Dannenbring (CA)
  • Greg Breitbach (WI)

  • I have been involved with pure bred dogs since my first Afghan Hound adopted me in 1975. I started showing her and doing obedience when she was a puppy. We were at an obedience match which was demonstrating a young sport called Lure Coursing. She went nuts watching the lure go, was nuts when she did a puppy run and hooked me on the sport.
    Since then I have had several Afghans, Greyhounds and Pharaoh Hounds. Almost all of them loved coursing and some were better than others. In 1992 I obtained my ASFA judges license. When the AKC started their lure coursing program I was grandfathered in at the start.
    I have had the honor of judging past AKC National Lure Coursing trials and several breed specialties.
    I have been regional director for ASFA and currently am the second vice president.
    Currently I am showing my Pharaoh Hound, doing agility, barn hunting and lure coursing to keep her active and out of trouble.

  • Lure Operator = Scott Hurlbert

  • Schedule of Events

    All events will be held at Purina Farms unless otherwise noted. All events held at the Purina Farms Event Center are INSIDE unless noted


    All days and times are subject to change as plans for the 2018 National Specialty firm-up.
    (All events are for Ibizan Hounds only with the exception of the Agility and Health Clinics, unless otherwise noted)

    Tuesday, Sept. 11th

    All Breed Agility
    Agility Entry Fees: $25.00 | $20.00 | $18.00
    8:00 AM
    Purina Farms Event Center

    Wednesday, Sept. 12th

    Rally and Obedience will be run concurrently with the following specialty clubs:
    Rally and Obedience
    - Italian Greyhound Club of America
    Purina Farms Event Center
    - Ibizan Hound & Italian Greyhound Specialties

    Rally: Entry Fees: $30.00 | $25.00
    7:30 AM Purina Farms Event Center
    - Ibizan Hound & Italian Greyhound Specialties

    Obedience: Entry Fees: $30.00 | $25.00
    9:45 AM Purina Farms Event Center
    All Breed Agility
    Agility Entry Fees: $25.00 | $20.00 | $18.00
    10:00 AM Purina Farms Event Center
    Hospitality & Breed Education
    6:00 to ~8:00 PM Purina Farms "Little Red Building" - Service Center

    Thursday, Sept. 13th

    Ibizan Hound Judges Education
    Auditors are welcome
    7:30 AM Purina Farms Event Center - Large Conference Room
    IHCUS National Specialty
    Silent Auction Bidding Begins / Sweepstakes / 4-6 Puppy / Jr. handler / Regular Classes
    Entry Fees: PS: $32.00 | $25.00 JSHW: $10.00 | $10.00 SWPC: $27.00 | $15.00 BPUP
    8:00 AM Purina Farms Event Center
    Parade of Honors
    Before the "BOB" Judging Breed Ring
    Hands On Seminar
    (Judges or Perspective Judges)
    20 minutes after the completion of judging In the Show Ring
    TOP 20 / Judges Critique / Silent Auction Ends / Hors D'oeuvres and Cash Bar
    6:00 PM Purina Farms Outside Show Pavilion Area

    Friday, Sept. 14th

    Gateway Hound Club -- Hound Specialty - Premium List
    IHCUS Supported Entry
    Hound Group Judge: Espen Engh (Norway)
    Ibizan Hound Judge: Robert Paust (CA)
    Ibizan Breed Puppy Sweeps and Hound Group Sweeps: Lori Wilson Paust
    Owner Handler Hound Group: Robert Paust
    Superintendent: Foy Trent
    Gateway Hound Club will be in a combined premium list with the Three Rivers KC shows / closes August 29th
    Purina Farms Event Center Sweepstake 8:00 AM / Regular Classes 9:00 AM
    AKC Lure Coursing Trial and JC/QC Test - Premium
    (Ibizan's and Italian Greyhounds)

    Entry by Owner: $20/$18 per hound / Day of $25 per hound
    Singles stake - JC/QC Tests: $15 per hound / Day of $20 per hound
    Breeder, Kennel and Bench Stakes - $5.00 per entry/ Day of $20 per entry
    (Kennel & Breeder 1 Entry = 2 hounds)
    Performance Stake - Free / Day of $10.00 per hound
    11:00 AM or 30 minutes after Ibizan BOB Judging (Whichever is later) Purina Farms "Herding" field
    Annual Membership Meeting - Presentation of 2017 IHCUS Member Awards
    Following Presentation of L.C. Ribbons & Trophies At the Coursing Field

    Saturday, Sept. 15th

    Three Rivers All Breed - Premium List -
    IHCUS Supported Entry
    Ibizan Hound Judge - Mr. Alan Hunt
    Hound Group – Mr. Alan Hunt
    BIS – Mrs. Paula Hartinger
    ASFA Lure Coursing - Premium
    (Ibizan's and Italian Greyhounds)

    (Greyhounds will run in the AM before us)
    Entry by Owner: $20/$18 per hound / Day of $25 per hound
    Singles stake - JC/QC Tests: $15 per hound / Day of $20 per hound
    Breeder, Kennel and Bench Stakes - $5.00 per entry/ Day of $20 per entry
    (Kennel & Breeder 1 Entry = 2 hounds)
    Performance Stake - Free / Day of $10.00 per hound
    11:00 AM or 30 minutes after Ibizan BOB Judging (Whichever is later) Purina Farms "Herding" field
    Health Clinics
    BAER - Dr. Donald York
    CardioVascular - Dr. H. Cecilia Marshal
    CHIC EYE - Dr. Ben Johnson

    Heart / BAER / CHIC EYE
    All Breeds Welcomed
    10:00 AM to 3 PM Purina Farms "Little Red Building" - Service Center

    Sunday, Sept. 16th

    Three Rivers All Breed -
    IHCUS Supported Entry
    Ibizan Hound Judge - Mr. J. Randall Tincher
    Hound Group – Mrs. Paula Hartinger
    BIS – Mrs. Susan St. John Brown
    LGRA- Premium
    (Ibizan Hounds, Italian Greyhounds and Greyhounds only)
    Pre-Entries Close Sept. 11th
    Entry by Owner: $20/$18 per hound / Day of $25 per hound
    $70 Maximum for multiple entries from same household - Pre-Entries ONLY
    8:00 AM Roll Call Purina Farms "Herding" field
    LGRA Race Meet

    Click here for the premium list

    2018 IHCUS National Specialty

    Date: September 11 - 15, 2018

    Location: Purina Farms - 200 Checkerboard Drive, Gray Summit, MO 63039
    (Refer to the 2009 Summer T.E page 12 for information on the members vote for default location.)

    Superintendent: Foy Trent Dog Shows

    Dead Links will go “Live” as items/information become available.

  • We are planning on providing "Live Streaming" of most events.
  • Live Streaming will be available via the IHCUS
    National Specialty Facebook Page:

    Host Hotel & RV Information

    Holiday Inn at Six Flags
     4901 Six Flags Road 
    Eureka, MO 63025 
    (636) 938‐6661  (Ask for Crystal)

    Hotel Rates: Number of rooms reserved for IHCUS is 5 for Monday and Sunday and 30 for Tuesday thru Saturday  
    Standard or Poolside Room: . . . . . ... . $119.95 + tax  
    Family Room: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $199.95+ tax  
    Room Deposit:. . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $100.00 (required 1 month prior to hold reservation)  
    Pet Fee: . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .  . . $35.00 (one‐time non‐refundable, 4 dogs max per room) 

    Make your hotel reservations early!  Other Specialties are being held during this week! 

    RV PARKING INFORMATION Three Rivers Kennel Club will offer online RV reservations for our shows this September. Those making ">RV reservations will choose their own space online and pay online: Spots will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. The cost for the full service upper lot will be $40 per night and the cost for the lower lot (with electric) will be $25 per night. RV Reservations will open sometime during the month of June. Additional information will be posted on our Three Rivers Kennel Club Facebook Page as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact Three Rivers contact person: Colette at ShowMeSaints@gmail.com. Colette Weishaar President/ShowChair - Three Rivers Kennel Club ShowMeSaints@gmail.com Reserve your RV spot early in order to get a spot.  There are multiple clubs hosting their National Specialty once again this year Online RV Reservation

    Premium Lists & Information

  • Three Rivers Reserved Grooming
  • RV Reservation:
  • Superintendent - Foy Trent

  • Premium Lists

    • Specialty
    • Premium List

      Entries Close 08/15/2018

      (for Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Sweepstakes, 4-6 month puppy classes)
      Entry Fees: PS: $32.00 / $25.00 | JSHW: $10.00 / $10.00 | SWPC: $27.00 | BPUP $15.00
      Obedience & Rally: Entry Fees: $30.00 | $25.00
    • Three Rivers Kennel Club & Gateway Hound Club

      Premium List
      Entries Close 08/29/2018
    • Agility – All Breed

      Premium List
      Entries close 8/28/2018
      Agility Entry Fees: $25.00 | $20.00 | $18.00
    • AKC Lure Coursing

      - Premium List (Modified)
      (After Conformation Judging)
    • Pre-entries close 9/5/2018
      Ibizan Hounds Only
    • ASFA Lure Coursing

      - Premium List
      (After Conformation Judging) –
    • Pre-entries close 9/5/2018
    • BARN HUNT - Monday - 9/10

      - Premium List

    • Entries will open to Field Spaniels, Italian Greyhounds and Ibizan Hounds only on July 30th, 2018. Open to all breeds on August 13th, 2018. Entries will be accepted on a first received basis until limits are reached. If limits are not reached by closing on August 31, 2018, we will accept Late entries until September 3rd, 2018. No Day of Show entries will be accepted.
    • LGRA Racing - Sunday - 9/16

      - Premium List

    • Pre-entries close 9/11/2018
      Italian Greyhounds, Greyhounds and Ibizan Hounds Only


      • AKC Lure Coursing Results – PDF File
      • ASFA Lure Coursing Results – PDF File
      • AKC Agility Results – Tuesday – PDF File
      • AKC Agility Results – Wednesday – PDF File
      • Catalog & Results for Conformation / Rally / Obed Results – PDF File
      • 3 Rivers KC Supported Entry Results – Saturday – PDF File
      • 3 Rivers KC Supported Entry Results –  Sunday – PDF File

      Show Photographer Information

      • Performance Photos:

        Photographer: Penny McNeil


        Penny’s Pastime Pics

      • Conformation Photos:

        Teddy Lei, Photography

      • Teddy Lei will be our OFFICIAL Photographer for all conformation type events for the 2018 National Specialty
      • WEBSITE: https://teddylei.smugmug.com
      • EMAIL: leijing77@hotmail.com
      • PHONE: (626) 747-2241


      National Specialty Committee

      Megan Smith
      National Specialty (Chair-Conformation)
      Christine Allen
      National Specialty (Chair-Performance)
      Robert Wasick
      National Specialty (Hospitality)
      Sue Ellen Wasick
      National Specialty (Hospitality)
      Karen Catt DVM
      National Specialty (L.C. Chair)
      Arial Harper
      National Specialty (Obedience-Rally Chair)
      Alexandria Mitchell-Lynch
      National Specialty (Ribbons)
      Sabrina Wright Hiller
      National Specialty (Top 20)
      Alexandria Mitchell-Lynch
      National Specialty (Trophies - Conformation)
      Terrianne Basch
      National Specialty (Trophies - Performance)
      Justin King
      National Specialty (Videography Coordinator)
      Karen Radke
      National Specialty (Welcome Bags)

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      Conformation Trophies
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      Lure Coursing Sec't & Chairman
      Parade of Honor
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      (includes Agility, Rally, Obedience, CGC and Lure Coursing)
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