Supported Entry

The purpose of holding an IHCUS Supported Entry is to create camaraderie for the breed, build points in conformation and performance events and encourage Ibizan fanciers to support the breed in a positive manner.

Who May Apply for an IHCUS Supported Entry

IHCUS Regional Clubs or a committee of IHCUS Members may apply for Supported Entries. Regional clubs have established procedures and volunteers to put on the entry. When a committee of IHCUS club members apply they are agents of IHCUS and work directly with the IHCUS Board as needed. The member applying is presumed to be the chair for the supported entry and is responsible for coordinating with IHCUS and the host kennel club.

Applicants are responsible for following the IHCUS Supported Entry Procedures and adhering to those portions of the AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows governing their event. The AKC A Guide for Planning AKC Dog Shows and Obedience Trials is also recommended.

  • Applications must be submitted to the Secretary at least six (6) months before entries close.
  • Written approval by the Host Kennel Club must be submitted with the application.
  • Applications may be submitted via email or US Mail.                 

Click here locate all the necessary forms for applying to coordinate a Supported Entry